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Drag a psychotic woman boy boy Samaritan rescued children original title: Fuzhou a psychotic woman dragged the boy a boy Samaritan rescued children red woman boy will be down to the ground. Yesterday, a netizen in the micro-blog report, the day before yesterday afternoon, Jinan District Gushan one entrance, a woman forced to drag a boy, the boy will fall to the ground. After the incident, several passers-by restrained, a school sports freshman boys came to save the boy. From the monitoring video provided by users, the reporter saw a young man wearing a red shirt, black pants forcibly dragged a six or seven year old boy, the boy tried to resist. A woman can not directly control the boy, he threw himself to the ground, the pressure on him for about a minute. When the woman saw the boy unable to resist, he got up and dragged him away. "Out of several hundred meters from the village, a little boy crying on the road." Micro-blog’s friends told reporters that the boy has been on the woman shouted: you are not my mother, what do you hold me?" After hearing the help, a woman passing through the car immediately stop the alarm. College student Wen Yining escort children to find parents. Mr. Wen told reporters, many passers-by stop the woman in red, a young man approached the woman away, rescued the boy, and the boy returned to the community, to parents. Drag the child’s woman saw someone intervene on the panic." Mr. Wen said that the woman is the first confrontation with the crowd, see everyone, especially the brave behavior of young people, but also lying on the ground motionless. Subsequently, the police arrived, the woman away. Yesterday, the reporter contacted the courage to save the young man, his name is Wen Yining, just 19 years old, is a freshman in Career Technical College, Fujian sports. "I didn’t think too much, I feel that I am practicing sports, should be able to tame each other." Wen Yining said. Reporters learned that the boy was rescued chest scars, the boy’s family and the red woman did not know. After the incident, the police immediately involved. After investigation, the red woman from Jiangxi, more than and 20 years old, suffering from mental illness. Currently, the woman has been sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. (reporter Li Zhibo Text users for map) source: Fuzhou evening news editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章:

Heaven Village clouds encounter rime, through the vast scenery of autumn and winter 4000dy

Heaven Village: clouds encounter rime, through the autumn and winter scenery of Heaven Village blockbuster Heaven Village this year comes some rime rime early, Feng has been rushed to put on this unique winter coat, standing on the summit, a glance through the autumn and winter, the more they cycle. The white world, everything is so charming, each branches are piled with a thick layer of ice, is full of white flowers, crystal clear. The South North churn the sea of clouds, cloudless, Dabie mountains like a sword, abruptly will split the two worlds here, clouds so encounter rime. Shuttling visitors, or watch carefully for ice or camera self timer, linger in the rime in the forest. The scenery of Heaven Village scenery of Heaven Village clouds fog indistinct, peaks of an implicit time now, "Zhong Shenxiu thousands of brocade a wide expanse of mist-covered waters, covering wind at an altitude of over one thousand meters high, limpid green jade, red fruit hanging in the branches, like most of the description of unusual flowers. Heaven Village Heaven Village is one of the five wild lady waterfall waterfall, swaying posture, through the spring green autumn yellow, leisurely and fell, not only for the sea with a smile. Heaven Village lady waterfall also worth mentioning is the Heaven Village Buddha, do not need to find, meet you, is a man in the back, perhaps inadvertently, has been in the body before the buddha. This is the Heaven Village Heaven Village unique Buddhist fairyland, people reluctant to leave! Heaven Village gate Heaven Village相关的主题文章:

Police officers and cadres were beaten to stop the implementation of the security officer – Sohu new ca4111

Police officers and cadres were beaten to stop the implementation of the security officer – Sohu news yesterday (November 15th) in the afternoon, the Xiangya Hospital, Hunan incident occurred with medical injury. Changsha Furong District Public Security Bureau police station Li Bisheng leek garden accompanied by a man accused of first medical treatment, the hospital refused the patient, the staff explained that because no beds are noisy, and threatened to "believe Lao Tzu qiangbeng you", eventually hands three wounded. Xiangya Hospital evening announcement urge police supervision departments to seriously investigate and deal with serious, Furong District Public Security Bureau two hours after the night will respond to the investigation, such as the truth will be dealt with severely. Today (November 16th) afternoon, Sohu public Aurora was informed that Furong police to the hospital to apologize to the injured and apologize. Changsha City Public Security Bureau also informed, before the results of the investigation, has been the first person to stop the implementation of someone’s police duties Li Bisheng. The police to accompany visits medical staff threatened to "believe Lao Tzu qiangbeng you" according to the Xiangya Hospital 10 pm last night issued a description of the situation, the injury incidents of the parties to Changsha Furong District Public Security Bureau police station Li Bisheng garden leek. Afternoon, he is not a man to accompany the uniforms of Xiangya Hospital medical department, did not show any identity in the case accused hospitals reject patients. The hospital staff to understand the situation after Leimou Lee explained the hospital temporarily no spare beds and not admitted, but Li Xuan had demanded to see the manager, staff Hwang and two times that no spare beds has not beds, consider other hospitals, there are other issues to the medical department complaint reception center reflect, Li still don’t listen in the office and said the medical service is noisy, trading behavior. Suspicion is not patient but occupation medical trouble, Huang asked Lee’s identity, when Lee took out a mobile phone camera camera, Huang said he refused. Then in the absence of any physical contact situation, Li Bisheng suddenly grabbed the neck, waving fists Huang Huang head and knees hit the abdomen, causing Huang neck bruises, dysphagia, two came to discourage security, Lee also kicking a human eye injury caused by a hematoma. People were injured in the. When the hospital, police station alarm auxiliary police arrived, Li Bisheng said police called "no eggs for auxiliary police and to show his identity, then the hospital reception staff abuse complaints" son has no ass, "threatened" believe Lao Tzu qiangbeng you "threatening. "People’s police should be the maintenance of social order and social order, and in the hospital the doings, not only disrupt the normal working order of hospital, serious harm to personal health and safety, but also seriously damaged the image of the people’s police, urge the police supervision departments to seriously investigate and deal with serious." At the end of the case, Xiangya Hospital wrote. Xiangya Hospital last night on the incident from the injured medical release. The sound: free medical treatment must be based on the order of everything in good order and well arranged for more than two hours after 0:25 in the morning, Furong District Public Security Bureau through administrative micro-blog response, said the Bureau of the network "leek Park police station Li Bisheng assaulted medical staff, medical order to disrupt" the matter very seriously, record相关的主题文章:

Obviously every day during pregnancy, but also why leg cramps Sohu – cibi

Obviously every day during pregnancy, but also why leg cramps? Sohu maternal and child in Nanjing, Ms. Qin is very confused, she was born in a month, but at night when sleeping or leg cramps often appear phenomenon. Go to the hospital for a check, the doctor said this is caused by calcium deficiency, Ms. Qin depressed: he obviously drink milk every morning, he cannot do without shrimp and bean products, how can a calcium deficiency? The doctor explained that this situation is very common, many mothers will encounter this problem, have the attention of calcium from the diet, or the result of calcium deficiency, which may be caused by a lack of vitamin D. Why, a lack of vitamin D can lead to calcium deficiency? Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamins, it and calcium, phosphorus, a common role in the healthy bones and teeth, prevention of osteoporosis has an important role. Lack of vitamin D will affect the absorption of calcium, so if pregnant mothers only calcium, vitamin D can not keep up, can not make up the calcium absorbed by the body, or natural calcium. Two, how to add vitamin D? Pregnant mother lack of vitamin D, then the baby’s teeth, bone growth will be affected, in the early pregnancy, about 13-27 weeks, pregnant mothers can pay attention to vitamin D supplement. Sun exposure. Vitamin D also known as the sunshine vitamin, as long as the skin moderate exposure to sunlight is generally not a lack of, but many women daily very attention to the sun, especially in summer almost do not accept the light, so after the summer there will be a lack of vitamin D, after the fall into the sun is not so sinister, pregnant mothers can moderate the sun vitamin D supplements. In addition, you can eat foods rich in vitamin D supplement. The high content of vitamin D in animal liver, egg yolk, fish and other animal foods, vegetables and fruits rarely contain vitamin D, but letinous edodes is also very rich in vitamin D, spinach also contains 8 times more iron, soybean milk powder, 3 times more than the zinc, pregnant mother who wish in the nutritionist’s advice, diet appropriate to add some letinous edodes. Doodle doctor to provide quality health care services for online pregnancy family, pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum open equipment, 0~3 years old baby related health open class, can also turn a key three doctor telephone, let pregnant and parenting more simple. Welcome to add group 490752568, and more treasure mom exchange相关的主题文章:

Volvo and Geely to deepen cooperation in the transfer of production lines to share a small car facto dxperience

Geely and Volvo cooperation transfer production line sharing small car factory Tencent Automobile News Beijing on November 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, the Swedish carmaker Volvo is expected to announce its parent company Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Company Limited Chinese late on Wednesday a series of initiatives to deepen cooperation, to create a brand can make China. According to the market observation website reported that Volvo CEO Samuelsson (Hakan Hakan · Samuelsson) and Geely chairman Li Shufu (click to view the latest news figures) proposed, the two companies will start producing cars in a joint venture assembly plant in Zhejiang in eastern Taizhou province. Familiar with Volvo insiders said, "we are committed to China into Volvo’s global manufacturing and export (Shu Niu)… We will be the first time the specific car production line from Sweden to Chinese." He added, "we will put China’s manufacturing and exports in the center of our industry strategy, and deepen cooperation with Geely’s industry." Because the relevant plan has not been disclosed, so the insiders do not want to show identity. According to reports, the Taizhou factory of the Volvo business is expected to put into operation in the quarter, the factory will be the two companies in Sweden jointly developed the "advanced (Advanced)" model structure, the main production of compact cars. Volvo and Geely are expected to produce small cars based on the compact modular structure (CMA) platform at the Taizhou plant for both domestic and international markets. It is reported that Volvo began to export its cars in China last year, and S60 Inscription in the U.S. market. The company is expected to be updated on its recently launched large limousine S90, including updates and improvements to the S90 Excellence model. Volvo will produce an improved version of the S90 sedan in its assembly plant in Daqing, Northeast China, to sell to China and abroad. The Taizhou plant will be Volvo’s third assembly plant in China, with the other two in Daqing and Chengdu. There are two factories in Europe and the new plant in South carolina. Sales rose six years ago, Geely to $1 billion 800 million acquisition of Volvo from Ford, which prompted the entire automotive industry. After the combination of high quality Western brands and Chinese brands, they rarely see any obvious synergies. However, the combination of these two brands still play a role. In the purchase of spare parts, the development of technology and improve production capacity, sales of two brands are on the rise. Volvo third quarter sales growth in China and the United States are more than 15, from July to September operating profit increased by 62% to SEK 2 billion 70 million (about $232 million 500 thousand). Geely sales of more than 1 million vehicles last year, an increase of 22%, sales in the first 9 months of this year has reached nearly 460 thousand. Responsible for consulting and research IHS Markit Automotive Asia Pacific CEO James Chao, "from a cost savings point of view, the production line from the.相关的主题文章:

Nepal has a burning corpse temple – Sohu travel www.cqpx.cc

Nepal there is a "burn corpse Temple" – Sohu [] this may lead tourism is the most Chinese "story" travel public no.. Welcome to pay attention to the travel writer Liu Xiaoshun after 80 (Liu small Shun public number: lxslvxing), along with small Shun travel will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! "Past tense" – season second – [17, Nepal there is a "burn corpse Temple"] in September 5, 2011, LV and I went to India consulate to fill in a visa application form, the process is very simple, pay cost of 200 rupees, fill out the form, paste photos, additional copy of passport, OK. Plus queuing time, less than two hours to get. Although I and LV than Dylan and Xue sister submitted two days late, but take the time to sign only a day later, we take them on Thursday, Friday, so we can together at the weekend to go to the next destination — Pokhara. We come from the Consulate General of India, just on the roadside to eat meal less but still cheaper beyond imagination for lunch, and then went to Kathmandu is located in the north-east of the temple of Paz Patti Na — the legend of "burning corpse Temple", this is our focus today. Because of the Hindus in India generally believe that the circle of life, after the death of all in the Holy River and then cremated ashes into the river, with the water to pass through, and Patina Temple of the Baghmati river is the sacred river of Ganges RIver, Nepal, India, similar to the status of course is not so high, so the temple of Paz Patti Na is the Kathmandu "." India is the transfer of the ferry life. I don’t love the tourists in the mouth "burn corpse Temple" this argument sounds a bit disrespectful means, it is not an ordinary crematorium, but with a strong religious mysticism, but the name of the temple of Paz Patti Na was too hard to pronounce, so I was unconsciously slightly change your pronunciation, it is called "burning temple", perhaps a little? Ha-ha。 Our side by side to the iPhone map, meet every possible to speak English in a passer-by for directions, the Kathmandu area crankle runaway for nearly an hour, finally found the "burning the corpse temple". Looking ahead, there is a large religious buildings, very magnificent. We also did not go to the holy river, suddenly heard a large roadside inside the shed curiously ran now singing, now dancing, a look. Many people sit in the greenhouse, the stage seems to have a band in the show, there are people singing, the audience also followed the chorus. Although we do not understand the meaning, but certainly not a star concert, it should be some kind of religious activities, right? We are constantly looking around, some local people waved us shoes in, we are afraid, afraid of accidentally offended the local gods. The crowd for a while, is preparing to turn left, suddenly an old woman wearing a sari for us each side to a disc with lotus leaf Sheng good food, do not see what the ingredients, it is ambiguous shape, a yellowish white, a gooey, a green paste, but also a lot of components. By the side.相关的主题文章:

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